May 27, 2004

Not much to talk about this wk. I've been trying to leave on time from work. Tired of staying late. In the Winter it's fine, because its cold and there's nothing else to do. But now its nice n sunny out and I want to get the most of my Summer evenings. Next week I will start to jog in the park, although I am a little nervous w/ the Sarah Fox thing and all. So sad. But hopefully David will come too.

I'm very excited that its Memorial Day wknd. Finally 3 days off, with nice weather! I want to try and go to the Bronx Zoo finally, never been. And I also want to eat cupcakes and goat cheese salads. Mmmm, the tastes of Summer.

And I'm dying to buy a digital camera-but I don't want to hear it from Dave.


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