April 15, 2004


Day 4. I passed day 3 which everyone says is the hardest. I disagree, it was no harder than the others. But my tummy is hurting this morning due to that nasty tea I had last night that made me quite unhappy in the middle of the night.

So only 6 more days to go after today. That doesn't seem so bad. I'm almost halfway done. The weekend will be the hardest as its always a food fest. BAH!

We've been watching tons of Buffy lately which really helps me to not think about the cleansing. Henry lent us Season 1 & 2. Last night I saw the best episode yet-Angel. Angel is incredibly hot. And the whole episode was great, especially all the sexual tension building up btwn him and Buffy. I'm diggin' this show.

More please Henry :)


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