April 12, 2004

Easter Bunny?

Had a nice wknd. Saturday was such a glorious day. Walked around the park scoping out my Mom's wedding ceremony location. Thats right, Mom's getting married. Finally. She's decided to have it here in NYC at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, followed by dinner at Tavern on the Green. Small event, probably 20 people or so. Kinda weird though, going to my Mom's wedding.

Ate lunch at a great little place in the West Village called La Foccacia. Really tasty brunch menu. Awesome rosemary foccacia. Just such a pleasant little treasure in such a beautiful neighborhood. It was so good that I chose to pass up Magnolia cupcakes!

Easter Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn to make it to LI in time for Easter breakfast at my cousin's house-9:30am to be exact. Played the traditional egg game. Everyone picks a hard boiled egg out of the basket. Then you begin to 'fight' with everyone else one at a time by hitting one end of your egg onto the other person. The winner is the person who has at least one uncracked end at the end of the game. Great fun. Little Alex won, David was second place. Then we do the traditional Latvian vodka shots to get the day moving. Mmmm, nothing like orange vodka at 9:30am.

There was some bad news. Something very disturbing did happen yesterday to my 7 year old cousin Kimmie...

Kimmie-Mommy, I have to talk to you right now about something VERY important. In private.

Mommy-Ok Kimmie.

Kimmie-Mommy, is there or isn't there an Easter Bunny. I need to know right now.

Mommy-Uh, no Kimmie, there isn't.

Kimmie-I saw Uncle Mike hiding the eggs in the backyard. I'm very dissapointed. How could you lie to me for seven years?

Mommy-I'm sorry honey, but you had fun for those years didn't you?

Kimmie-Yes. Next thing you'll tell me is there's no Tooth Fairy. That would REALLY be bad. At least she's real.

Mommy-Of course she is honey.

Happy Easter!


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