April 19, 2004


Blooming Dogwoods @ Central Park on Sunday

Freddy Adu doin' it @ Giants Stadium!

Day 8. Still hungry. Still unhappy. But only 2 days to go and its feeding time! Actually, I can't eat real food until Friday. But I still won't have to drink that damn lemonade anymore. Hallelujah!

Wknd was great, would've been better if I could eat but whatever.

We went to a Soccer game on Saturday. Saw the great Freddy Adu score his first goal. Man he's awesome. He did one spin around move that wow'd us all. But I must say-I was really missing those pretzels, hot dogs and sodas. It was torcherous.

Even more torcherous was the bar we went to after the game. We ended up at Sky Bar in Korea town. Just a little know bar on top of La Quinta hotel, but with an amazing view of the Empire State Bldg. Its just 1 block away and so in your face. The bartender is this cool guy who's always got the Bob Marley jammin' and the drinks a mixin'. Everyone got hungry after a while so we actually ordered pizza to be delivered to the bar. I went inside and cried. But everyone enjoyed so I was happy. Kinda.

Sunday was another glorious day in NYC. We went to Central Park with a blanket and just layed on the grass and soaked in the warm sunshine and blooming trees. Such a gorgeous day.

Then we went over to the Met and saw Chuck Close. It was just aiight. Same image over and over again. Nothing that spectacular. I don't really know what all the fuss was about. But interesting nonetheless.

Rented Kill Bill Vol. 1 last night. Not nearly as good as it is on the big screen. I think we need to buy a 40" TV soon.


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