July 20, 2004

weddings and cheese

This weekend was all about eating. Well, I guess every weekend is. Friday was Henry's birthday so we celebrated at Aquagrill. We ordered 40 oysters from around the world. Mighty tasty. Best ones were Sister something or other and Kumomotos. We had the perfect combination of some big n' buttery, some briny. The entrees were very tasty as well. The service there is impeccable. The only thing they forgot was Henry's candle. That's ok-we have table votives! Hope your wish comes true.

Saturday we went to Jenny & Erik's wedding. It was on a boat, the Half-Moon, which left from the East side of Manhattan. When we got there the boat was a rockin'. We were all scared to get on. My wonderful husband ran to fetch us some Dramamine. 20 minutes later he returned with 2 packs in hand. I think it really saved us. Thanks David!

The wedding was very sweet. Jenny cried. I think some of us did too. Wonderful words were spoken by the officiant, very heartfelt. Then we ate, drank and watched the amazing view of NYC around us. Very relaxing. Later was the first dance. But the boat was so rocky they couldn't really dance elegantly as they were toppling over left and right. It was sweet.

Afterwards we saw Shrek 2. So much fun. Henry and I especially loved the 3 blind mice. Puss n' Boots wasn't bad either, although I'm not an Antonio Banderas fan. But I think I liked the movie as much as the first. Unusual for a sequel.

We were hungry after the movie so we decided to walk to Korea Town for dumplings. But on the way we passed Artisinal. I've always heard great things about their cheese selection, so we convinced David to go. Food and service was great. We ordered a cheese fondue to start that came with cubes of bread, granny smith apples slices and veggies. The cheese plate that David ordered was heavenly. David had the waiter choose the cheeses and he did not dissapoint. He has a goat cheese that is made only by one old man who lives in Spain. This man does not have any sons and refuses to give the recipe to anyone else. So when he dies, so does the cheese. That story made the cheese taste even better. Also on his platter was a sheeps milk cheese that was light and spongy, a cheese that had cayenne pepper and had the consistency that was similar to fudge. And then there were to blues on their that rocked our world. So powerful. David said he'd like to go back there once a week and try different cheeses every time. Nice idea.


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