August 01, 2004


Hm, where to begin...

Friday was my birthday. I am now officially old(er) clocking in at a nice and even 33. Not too bad. Not too good. Just right.

David and I took the day off of work to enjoy my day. I awoke to gifts and cards lying on the coffee table. One gift was a rectangular box and one a square one. Now the two gifts I wanted most of all (next to a happy happy life, great friends & family and wonderful husband) were the Canon Digital Elph S410 and maybe, just maybe a new iPod. Well I got both. BOTH! I could not believe my eyes. I couldn't ask for more. And not just any new iPod. Oh no (Henry), I gots me a 40 giger! Yeah baby, yeah! Thats an awful lotta space but I like an awful lotta Cure so it will be just perfect.

Had lunch at one of my fav spots Sarabeth's. Then chilled at home loading up the iPod and learning how to use the new camera. Both so simple and beautifully made pieces of art. Went downtown to the East Village to meet up with my friends for the birthday dinner. I swear the East Village is like another world. Started out at a great bar with a huge beer selection and nice outdoor seating but the name escapes me. Afterward David chose a great place for dinner called Lavagna. Italian/Mediterranean I believe. Fantastic food. Really really fantastic. David and I shared the flaming red snapper entree. My appetizer was heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese and croutons drizzled with great balsamic vinegar. Just absolutely perfect. And best of all our waiter looked like a young Robert Smith sans makeup.

Afterwards we tried to get into Chickalicious but it was packed and more were waiting outside. Ended up eating gelato and going to some local bars. Selected some Interpol & Cure on the jukebox which never came on. Oh well.

The birthday was absolutely perfect. Life is good.


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