July 23, 2004

Run Hit Wonder

sea of blue Posted by Hello

Ran the 'Run Hit Wonder' last night in Central Park. I now know what the 'wonder' part is. I'm still wondering where all the bands were!

The park was packed with blue shirts. The race started promptly at 7:10 for the 5K people. I was running with my friend and co-worker Vanessa. She told me she runs slow, so do I. I thought we'd be a perfect match. We weren't. She runs a LOT slower than me. But it was all in good fun and not a race for time so I kept at her pace and we jogged along. The first band was what they called Flock of Seagulls. I call them a lame ass band who did nothing but play keyboards. NO lyrics. NO big hair. NOTHING! So dissapointing. Around mile 2 1/2 I started wondering where all the other bands were. No Kajagoogoo at the beginning like they promised. Then as we got to the last half mile we did pass some dude who was singing so low that no one could hear who he was or what he was playing. A couple happy people stopped to dance around, but we were all pretty clueless.

And that was it. We finished, no band welcoming us back. But boy did everyone stink. It was humid as hell and the humidity went up another 20% with all the sweat rising off of everyone's skin. We cleared out and headed to the afterparty at Morningside Park. Big, gold shiny medals were handed out to everyone. Vanessa commented that its like the Special Olympics, everyone's a winner! We pushed our way into getting bagels, protein snacks, fruit and water, and then chilled listening to Tone Loc, who was pretty good. Played his 2 hits along with a cover of Rapper's Delight. Devo was coming on next but we were sweaty, smelly and tired so we took another handful of snacks and made our way home.


Blogger e.ku said...

those shirts were kinda cool. all individually numbered. saw a bunch of them in the subway yesterday. the funny thing is that i only saw women wearing them. was it a female only event? or is there some correlation between 80s music and women? funky cold medina . . .

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