January 08, 2009

Recent photos

Happy New Year!

Here are a few photos of Sophie taken recently. The first is her wearing her favorite rain boots-which she likes to wear all day around the house, all the time. Another is just her looking cute. The last is her first art project, although to be honest she didn't do much. I took her to a free trial art class recently. For one project they handed out all the precut pieces and a glue stick to make this penguin. I think she may have stuck and restuck the eyes about 20 times. But honestly it was mostly me. Still, it was nice to post her first art piece onto our fridge. And just look how proud she is :-)


Blogger Irene said...

Sophie is so beautiful! Look at those eyes!!

How did she like the art class? One thing about day care is that it has introduced Isabelle to doing "artwork", and I am always surprised at the skills she picks up there. When I looked to buy her kid-safe scissors to cut up catalogs at home (for some reason, she likes to cut out pictures in catalogs and magazines for fun), I found out that she had been using scissors at school for a while already! Same with glue stick. Haha.

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