June 21, 2004

Bye bye couch :(

We have had 2 couches for almost 6 months now. Why-because we couldn't bare to just throw away our beloved first couch. I tried everything to get rid of it to a good, loving home. Craigs List, friends, co-workers. I even booked Salvation Army to come and pick it up last Friday. David took the day off of work and waited. They finally arrived, and before they even got up the stairs they refused to take it. You're too high up they said. Um, I told them 2C. I guess I should've mentioned that we're actually on the third floor. On top of that they said it was in bad condition. Um, do poor desperate people really care? I guess they do. So we were left with no choice but to toss it.

Sunday morning before our trek out to LI David and I attempted to take it down to be thrown out. But we couldn't get it around the final turn. Damn, we had to haul it all the way back up. I thought I was going to die. It is the heaviest piece of furniture ever. So Matthew agreed to help us after LI.

When we got home they had it all worked out. Turn it this way and that and it will be no problem getting it down. Wrong. BIG problem. It got jammed around the last turn. Really jammed. No one could move. No one could come or go. It was stuck. It took about a half hr of pushing, pulling and hammering to get it free. That and all the paint on the walls. Oops, sorry. But we finally set the couch free on the sidewalk and said our goodbyes. I hope a nice family with kids and a dog picked it up.


Blogger e.ku said...

man those couches are going to be lonely. :-(

5:51 PM  
Blogger Simone said...

I know. David said when he went to work yesterday morning at 7am it was still there. When I left at 8:45 it was gone. That means a big ol' mean garbage truck crushed it to death and took it away. So sad :*(

9:38 AM  

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