June 09, 2004


I 'joined' the YMCA yesterday. Well, kinda. I am giving it a try first with my FREE 1 week trial membership.

I was very nervous going for some reason. What if I get lost(its 5 floors)? What if I use the machine's incorrectly and get yelled at. What if I don't follow proper dismounting procedure on the treadmill? But it all worked out fine. Maybe because all I did was the treadmill, then took a self guided tour around the place to see just how busy it gets after work. It wasn't bad at all. The pool had an open lane or two. The aerobics classes weren't jammed packed. Hell, an old man was walking up the stair with a cane. He was averaging about 1 step every 3 minutes. Seriously. If he can do this, so can I. Today will be day 2. I am going to attempt Mat Pilates at 6:15. Then if I'm feeling really spunky, I'll follow it up with some Yoga-All Levels at 6:45. Wish me luck!


Blogger Spo0kybear said...

if you need a trainer!! i'll give you a discount!!

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