August 30, 2004

Jones Beach is awesome!

Went to Jones Beach Saturday afternoon with David & Matthew. Omigod-Jones Beach rocks! We usually go to Robert Moses as its quieter and less crowded. But since we were running late we decided to take the shorter trip to Jones. Note-when going get off at West Beach, NOT center beach. That is where all the crowds were. West Beach was perfect. Not too crowded. Although the families that were there were quite entertaining. Seems like every family had 5 kids, and no daddy. Kids were running wild around the beach. One woman had 5 boys, the youngest twins who were maybe 3 or 4 years old. These kids were constantly running off by themselves and then 10 minutes later the mother would realize one was missing and then run all over the beach to find him. Then when she'd return the other one would be missing. Such entertaiment!

After beaching we walked along the boardwalk and then noticed all the shuffleboard courts. Wow-shuffleboard is awesome. For $1 we played for about 2 hours. Now I know why all those old people dig it so much. Loads of fun with low energy output. Who could ask for more?

We played until dark. Returned from the beach around 10pm. Finished up with some Benny's Buritos. Perfect day indeed.



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