September 12, 2004

Friday night David called me asking if I'd wanna go to the US Open. DO I WANNA GO??? ARE YOU CRAZY! So we hopped on the 7 Express and were there in no time. Henry had found 4 tickets from Shea who had them handed off to him from a mailroom worker. They each said $175 on them so we knew they must be good. But when we finally got there around 7 we were too late. The women's semi-finals had just ended. Phooey! But we did come across Girls Doubles so we checked it out. Nothing special, but we had to watch something so we could say we were there. We did it!

Took the 7 to Flushing after for dinner. We've only been there once before and had excellent Dim Sum at Jade. But Jade was closed. For good. So we went to something we knew wouldn't dissapoint-Joe's Shanghai. Food was great, but differerent. Dumplings were more crabby. Young Chow fried rice excellent and salty. Bean sprout shoots-tasty sauce but with every bite you felt as if you would choke. Finally the NY Times suggested 'Fried Yellow Fish Fingers' we ordered was brought out. Looked interesting. But tasted bland. Very bland. Fried fish w/ seaweed inside. But no sauce. Finally at the end we asked and it did have a dry salt & pepper 'sauce'. BAH! Now you tell us. So Dave & Henry asked them to remove it from the bill. They agreed. But not before I snuck a bite of the fish fingers with the salt/pepper. OMIGOD. Sooooo good. Damn them Flushing people!!

Saturday Dave and I walked around the UWS (Upper West Side) and shopped. I got a great dress for Yom Kippur and a pretty top to wear on Rosh Hashana. My Mom will be very pleased. I see the ladies and gents dress up in their very best for temple here in the city. In Long Island its quite different. For them its a day to put on a cleanT-shirt and their very best jeans. But its not a fashion show. By no means.

For dinner Dave & I went to the fabulous Mexicana Mama for dinner. Eugene had recommended it some time ago. Unbelievably great food. So many different flavors in every dish. And the scents of the different foods coming from the kitchen made me feel like I was ready to eat all over again even after finishing. Dessert was also very impressive. Dave had the Isla de Chocolate. An 'island' of chocolate cake surrounded by vanilla cream and coconut milk. Scumptious! I had the flan which was very thick like cheesecake. Very different, very unusual and soooo good. The place is tiny, can only seat maybe 16 people so get there early or plan on waiting. But if you do wait it will be well worth it!


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