September 07, 2004





Saturday we walked along Hudson River Park with Matthew. Very hot. But we were amused with a dog park that had the cutest little French Bulldog playing with a hose in a kiddie pool. He was shaking the hose and splashing all who were watching. So cute. I almost want one. If they'd just learn how to use a litter box it would be a go. Also came upon one of the strangest pets I've seen yet. A turtle. Or rather, a tortoise. Large (a bit larger than a frisbee size), prehistoric looking beast. He was just munching his way through the grass, his amused owner looking on. Who in god's name owns a turtle in New York City? He was a mere 12 yrs old and they can live to be 120. And who will take care of him when his owner dies?? Personally I think its best to get a pet you will outlive.

Around 23 Street we came upon Bahamian Day Festival on one of the barges. Perfect. We were hungry and in need of a shady spot to chill out. Had conch fritters, stewed goat (eww!), craby rice, Malibu and cokes and Johnny Cake. Perfect. There was also a wedding reception starting at the end of the barge. I watched and remembered the stress and panic of the wedding day. But the bride looked great & glowy in her sexy dress and I realized that its such a wonderful day and worth all the stress.

Next to the barge was a big ol' rusted boat. So we went up to investigate. Very creepy. Very rusted. Very interesting. Downstairs there was a disco ball hanging with couches placed throughout the boat. Apparently parties were held here. A DJ was actually there warming up. It would be great for Halloween but anything else would be too freaky. Henry thinks its a gay sexboat. But he just assumes b/c its in Chelsea. So we climbed up a ladder, got some drinks and chilled as we watched the sun set ahead and the wedding progress down below us. Very relaxing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is NOT a gay sex boat. I totally dig that thing. . . I vow to have a party there one day.

10:07 PM  
Blogger H3NR7 said...

Rachel, you should definitely throw a party there. And serve cupcakes.

12:53 AM  

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