September 27, 2004

my mind

Things on my mind today:

~I am getting sick (the annual October bronchitis-fest is about to commence!)

~My Dad is very ill and has just been diagnosed with cancer in the liver. He begins chemo in a couple of weeks. My Brother has decided to go to Australia next week to visit. After much thinking, I have decided not to go.

~I have just received my first Jell-o Pudding Pop courtesy of my co-worker Christine who made a mad dash to a store on 32nd and 3rd that had 1 box left. You rock Christine!

~I can't wait to get home to chill on the couch with my blankey, my hubby, hot tea with lemon, and Empire Strikes Back on DVD.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about your dad. that really sucks.

X rachel

7:52 AM  

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