September 28, 2004

Rold Gold & Canada Dry

Called in sick today. I have such a hard time calling in, I always feel guilty. Like they'll think I'm lying or something. Not that I take a lot of sick days. I think I've only taken 1 this year in April. It took me 45 minutes to decide if I should go or not this morning. But I finally made the decision when I felt dizzy. Then plugged in the GameCube and made my place on the couch. It's now 5:45 and my tummy feels just as, if not worse. But my bronchitis-like symptoms have improved a bit. Hearing that pouring rain outside makes me glad I'm all comfy n cozy inside.

Spoke with my Dad last night. I had a message when I got home from him saying he needs to 'chit-chat' with me about something. Uh oh. Didn't sound good. And I didn't want to call him back to hear it. I felt like it could be his 'good-bye' phonecall. But eventually he called again. Turns out he has been diagnosed with liver cancer and possibly some in the aorta as well. Not good. Chemo will be needed soon. It really sucks but I did feel much better after I talked to him. He finally got some pain med's that actually work so he is not in agony right now. That's good. But chemo could be really good, or really bad. And only time will tell.


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