June 30, 2004


I thought today was Tuesday until the coffee truck guy reminded me. Everyday we talk about how we wish it was Friday, then he hands over my small regular and I'm off.

Got paid today and already I have no money until next paycheck. I owed way more than I should on my overdraft. But thank god for the overdraft. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Met Eugene for lunch as we decided to take advantage of restaurant week and go to Le Cirque 2000. What a mistake. We walk in, the guys eyes us up and down and says in a snooty voice "yes, can I help you?". 2 for lunch please. "UH, no, we're completely booked...and we require jackets". Yeah, completely booked my ass. Jerk. I am never going there again. Place looked to goofy and gaudy inside anyway.


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