October 08, 2007

A is for Apple.

We went apple picking yesterday in upstate NY with a bunch of friends. As always the traffic there and back was a royal pain in the arse but had fun once we got there and were able to relax a bit. Still, with the mid 80's weather and no skyscrapers to shield us from the bright sun it didn't feel very fall like. But Sophia suggested we do a picnic and that was really a lot of fun. Especially when you can just walk over and pick an apple to cut up and eat your lunch with.

The best part was when a few vanloads of Trini's pulled up and set up a full feast with curry, soca music blasting and even brought out their minivan seats to lounge on. You Trini's sure know how to party!


Anonymous Brandon =) said...

That looks fun! LOL..Look at Sophie!

1:22 AM  

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