May 11, 2004


We had a wonderful time in Miami, particularly in South Beach.

On Wed we rented a convertible and drove down to Key Largo for some snorkeling. For some reason I expected us to be the only ones there but our boat was packed. Almost 40 people. The winds were a blowin' and I quickly took some Dramamine. It was extremely choppy out there but really nice and relaxing. The boat captain said "OK, everyone in" but no one went. It seemed we were all scared it would be too cold. Then one brave soul jumped and I was nice. Aaah, warm water. Nice. Really nice. It was hard to swim but manageable. I had to hold David's hand the whole time as he was a little nervous. So sweet.

Wed afternoon we dropped the car off at a garage and checked into our hotel. Beautiful hotel. Nice, clean room. Everything was perfect. Had dinner/drinks with my brother. Walked on Ocean Drive a little. So warm and breezy.

Thurs we crossed the street to the beach. Too windy to swim. Left and went to the 'sister' hotel which had a pool. More fancy than our hotel. It even had a mini beach in the back with swaying palm trees and big hammocks for two. Pure perfection.

Had dinner Thurs night at the Pelican Hotel. Took us a while to find a place that we liked for dinner. Many of the restaurants on Ocean Drive are BEGGING for business. It reminded me of Little Italy. A lot of them had sample dishes of food out covered in saran wrap. So classy. As you walk by they say "How many?" One place I stopped to look at a menu, decided it was too pricey, and gave the menu back. "Whats the problem" said the host. "Not right for us". "Why" he said. Well, I'm looking for something cheaper. "Cheaper? But don't you want GOOD?" "yes, but I want good and cheap". "You won't find that here on South Beach" he said. HA! I DID!! Ate and people watched. Everyone is dressed to kill in South Beach. They don't neccessarily have anywhere to go, but they dress up.

Friday we walked to the Delano Hotel which is simply breathtaking. It is just one huge piece of artistic perfection- inside and out. Right down to the bathroom sinks. Gorgeous. Had 1 drink each. $30 later we were off. Thank you Steve for making us go there.

Friday night saw 2 of the triplets and Grace's new boyfriend. Don't know what to say about him yet. He didn't really have too much to say. But she looked happy so all is good. Nice to see them.

Saturday and Sunday was spent w/ my family. So nice to see my nephews. I miss them so. Went to a little water park where they had great interactive water guns. So much fun spraying chlorine filled water into little kids eyes. Lots of fun and quality time spent with the family.

So now I'm back and wondering when my next vacation is. My Mom & Fred our trying to figure out where to go for their honeymoon. Looks like they may go to Capri, Italy. The most beautiful place on the earth. Damn, I need to get back on Expedia and do some planning...


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