March 21, 2007


17 days to go is what the countdown bar says. Give or take. Probably give. My friend Lina thinks I'll deliver on April 11. She's pretty good with this so we will see.

Had our 37 wk appointment yesterday. Everything is fine. Baby is still high up so no time soon. Baby is head down like I thought so that's wonderful news. The head is measuring exactly the size it should at this point. Dr estimates the weight at around 7.5 pounds now but that is really just a guesstimate. Not so good news is I tested Group B Strep positive. Basically that means I'll have to get to the hospital a little sooner than I wanted or if my water breaks to get IV antibiotics to ensure Baby Monkey doesn't get infected. It's relatively common, 20% of women test positive, but still would rather not have to think about it. Oh well, at least they caught it.

I feel good. I really can't complain. I hear about some women who are completely miserable by now. Maybe in the next couple weeks I will be. But so far so good! I'm working from home full time now and must admit I get a little bored being home alone all day. But I've been trying to take lunchtime walks which helps break up the day. And I must admit rolling out of bed and logging on at 8:55AM is nice!


Blogger e.kuo. said...

wow. 17 days, huh? getting excited? i saw your comment on my blog so i thought i'd respond here. p's due on april 2nd, but could go any day now. it's nice to hear that you are feeling good. p, on the other hand, is miserable. big belly, not very comfortable... but plugging through like a trooper. good to see you have your baby room set up... much more organized than we were when A was born. but, the room looks great. i wouldn't mind spending some time in there myself.

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