April 30, 2007


Today is David's first day back at work, and my first day at home alone with Sophie. I have been dreading this day for 2 weeks now. So far David has done so much around the house and with Sophie that I really didn't think I could manage without him. But so far, so good! She fussed in the morning from 9am-11am but I was able to get her to nap from 11am-2pm, then she woke for a feeding, then off to sleep again! I should really try and nap now, but I kinda wanted her to wake up so maybe we could take a walk to the Gap to get some girly onesies. But since I had the C-Section I can't really take the stroller down by myself yet, so I was going to use the Baby Bjorn. But since I don't want to disturb her precious sleep in attempting to get her into the Bjorn I'll wait and see if she wakes again soon. Otherwise I'll try to go tomorrow.

I'm so lucky to have her in the Springtime. The weather is so beautiful and I can't wait to take daily walks with her out in the sunshine.

We've received an incredible amount of gifts from friends, family, and friends of family that we've never met! I really want to do some laundry already so I can dress her in all the beautiful girly things. Everyone has been so generous and thoughtful and it's just so unbelievable how much stuff we have for her now.

I have to say these past two weeks have been the hardest I've ever experienced. I was hit with major Baby Blues/Post Partum Depression and really could barely function. I wasn't eating, barely sleeping, crying all the time and just feeling so overwhelmed and sad that I completely relied on David to do everything. He has been amazing to us both. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive man by my side. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better now and hope I continue feeling this way from now on as I just want to enjoy my beautiful daughter as much as possible while I'm home.


Blogger srny717 said...

I am so glad today went well and you were feeling good!! I'm sure the anticipation of David's first day back at work was worse than it actually happening! I'm sure it was hard for him to leave his baby girl for the day! I love you guys!!!!!

5:12 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

the 'TUSSIN cures it all. Have a swig and feel better. ;)

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin,
No worries, you'll be fine. This is going to be such a wonderful time now. Your days will fly by, so enjoy them before you have to go back to work. Can't wait to see little Sophie, she looks like such a sweet baby.
Hang in there Baby! The best is yet to come.


8:33 PM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

I am glad that you are happy and excited about Sophie! You guys got so much gifts and stuff because you two are very nice and loving people (Aunt and Uncles too)! I love you guys and I can not wait to see BABY SOHPHIE!

1:52 PM  

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