November 16, 2009

Three Weeks

Roman is three weeks old today. And what a rough three weeks it's been. The first two were fine, but this past week has been filled with terrible late night gas pains for Roman, no sleep for Mama or Dada, and a change in his sleeping where he wants to be held ALL THE TIME. No longer does he sleep in the swing, only on our chest or while being held. This has caused me a lot of stress and worry, as well as lots of tears. I just was so unprepared for things not to go well, as Sophie was so easy from day one. But day by day we are learning what he does and does not like. Based on other posts and reading up online, I've learned that certain foods may be the cause of his pain. So as of yesterday I've eliminated ALL dairy and chocolate from my diet, and last night was the first gas pain free night he's had. I really hope that this is the answer as it was just heartbreaking to hear him scream and cry in pain all night long, with little that we could do to relieve him. I was sure he was destined to be a colicky baby, but now I have new hope!

I've also tried putting him to nap on his tummy, a no no I know, but it's the only way he'll sleep. I'm sure to put him on not too soft bedding with no blankets or loose sheets, and I am confident he'll be fine. What a relief it is to have some time to do things without holding him all the time.

The nursing is going pretty well. Already I'm more successful than I was with Sophie as I knew what to expect with the pain and soreness this time around and really tried to push through it. I take Advil around the clock which really helps and little by little it's getting better. Still pain. Still sore. But it's all bearable and hopefully in the new couple of weeks it will get even better. I tried to nurse him at the playground yesterday which was a disaster for me as I was unprepared and found it very difficult to position him correctly as well as feel comfortable doing it out in the open. I think I'll need to get one of those nursing covers to make things easier for both of us. So for now I will time my outings better to where I know he will not need to nurse.

Roman has yet to have much of a personality as it's so early in his life, and we're just looking forward to getting to know him and what his demeanor will be like. Sophie is adjusting well and is enjoying the extra attention from David. I also have the nanny come in during the week to help out with her as I still can't lift her or take her out and about as I'd like. It's difficult for me not to spend the time I'd like to playing with and holding her, but I know that in a few weeks time that will happen again.


Blogger Irene said...

I've definitely found that even though the second baby is generally easier than the first (because you know what to expect), it still really throws you for a loop when the second baby has problems that you didn't even encounter with the first. It does sound like all your nursing experience is paying off this time around, and you're figuring out the things that are new, so I hope things continue to go well!

You know me, I'm as risk averse as they come, and I just have to say it once - if Roman is sleeping on his tummy, please be sure to check on him often!!

I was way too self-conscious to ever nurse Isabelle in public, but somehow with Sebastien, I was nursing him at a pick-your-own farm within 2 months! Ha! I did have a new nursing apron for Sebastien, and I think it did help. Even though it sounds like it's just like a blanket, the way it's designed to hang over your neck and allow you to peek under the apron really does make it a lot easier to use than a regular blanket.

Thanks for taking the time to post this update! It's good to hear that you all are doing well, including Sophie!

10:12 PM  
Blogger go said...

rubi is the same, started when she turned 4 months. sling has been a life saver for us. great for nursing outside, as it has this scarf part that hangs and you put it over yourself. bjorn as well. cant wait to see pictures of the little man.hope you're well!!!!!!!!!!

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