April 24, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Finally warmer weather has arrived. I felt like it would never come. And even though we are fluctuating between warm and cool, anything is better than freezing.

Last weekend we managed to spend two full days in Central Park. Saturday was absolutely mobbed as it was the first sunny day in the 70s. We couldn't even see the end of the line for the zoo! But on Sunday we did finally get to go with Jenny & Erik which was nice. Sophie seemed to really enjoy running around and especially liked feeding the animals at the petting zoo.

She turned 2 almost 2 weeks ago and is definitely talking a lot more now. But she's also a lot more cranky! From the beginning she's always woken up a happy baby. No crying, just cooing and calling out our names. But this past week she wakes up once in the night crying for about 5 minutes or so, then falls back asleep. Then she wakes up between 6:30-7 crying and calling out our names. And boy is she CRANKY. The first hour is just a mixture of crying, tantrums, throwing herself on the floor, begging to watch Elmo and just plain old unhappiness. We're not sure what is going on. We think maybe it has something do to with her first molar coming in, but when we ask her if her mouth hurts she says no. She's had a runny nose for the past two weeks too. Who knows, but I just hope it passes. I want my happy morning toddler back! I also constantly feel like I'm walking on eggshells as far as being sure not to do or say anything that will set her off on a tantrum. I'm used to it now, and think I know what sets her off. I almost feel like I have to ask her permission if I can turn on a light, or put her shoes on, etc-as so often SHE wants to do it and if I do it instead watch out! Craziness. But picking your battles is key I think, as is allowing them independence and trust that they can do it themselves.

She is saying a lot more two and three word phrases which is so cute to hear. The other day David was eating almonds and Sophie said "Dada eating nuts". We couldn't believe it! Lots of other phrases too such as "I now sleep", "I climbing up", "I running", "I go outside" and so on. Very cute. Another recent development is her fondness of having no clothes! The minute we get home from an outing she wants all her clothes off, even requesting her diaper off-which is promptly denied. Now that the weather is warmer it's fine, as I read toddlers like to be naked and enjoy the feeling, and it hopefully is just a phase that will pass soon. Even when we put her to sleep at night in her pajamas, she immediately takes them off and goes to sleep. No blanket or anything. I must admit if it was Winter I'd have a big problem with worrying about her being cold but since it's Spring and her room is pretty warm I'll let it slide.

Below are some recent pics-a couple David took in the park and one I took this morning while she was jumping on our bed-no clothes of course!


Blogger Irene said...

Yes, I am excited, too, that spring has finally sprung!

Sounds like Sophie is growing so fast, and she's already her own person! As you know, we struggle with many of the same issues you do with Sophie - the whole walking on eggshells thing is particularly familiar. If you find a cure, PLEASE let me know! ;)

Keep enjoying this weather!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Brandon said...

NY looks beautiful!!

I miss you guys!!
Im sure Soph does too!

Hope to see you guys soon!


10:03 PM  

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