March 28, 2007


Went to dr today. Ugh, he annoys me. Already said if I don't go into labor by 1 wk past due date we will do induction. Then he even picked up phone and scheduled an induction, just in case! Now I'm freaking out a little. I feel like the pressure is really on to go into labor by April 13th @ 9pm.

Walked home through the park which was beautiful. I am now in total panic mode. I made myself go into nesting mode tonight by fixing up nursery some more, setting aside last minute things to wash for baby, packing my hospital bag, then relaxing in the glider and read some Dr. Sears Baby Book. I then proceeded to set my iPod setlist to listen to while in labor. Now I feel a little more prepared for the big day. I just hope we are the ones to determine this big day and not the Dr.

Either way, baby will be here within 2 1/2 wks NO MATTER WHAT.



Anonymous Brandon said...

OMG!! Thats Scary!! 2 1/2 weeks baby monkey is born!!!!! OMG!!!! I cant wait to fly over to NY and not only see you and david but the BABY!!!!!!!!

9:36 AM  
Blogger H3NR7 said...

And don't forget me Brandon!

Friday the 13th? You should name the baby monkey "Jason"!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Trish said...

Wow indeed! I cannot wait to see baby monkey...
Love, Trish

2:13 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

"within 2 1/2 wks NO MATTER WHAT.": That is a good thing - then baby-gaga wont have to add a tenth picture at the bottom of your page! ;-)

Wish you the best!

5:02 PM  

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