January 22, 2008

I Like Seamonsters

Thanks for the t-shirt Auntie Rachel!

January 20, 2008

Peeping Sophie

I'm stuck home plagued with Bronchitis all weekend, so I have lots of free time to upload videos!

This is from last weekend when Auntie Shaina was visiting. When one of us goes in the bathroom, Sophie usually knocks on the door until we come out. Now she decided to REALLY see what goes on in that little room...

Dancing fool

This video is a little long but I just love how she changes the "station". She is too funny. Already a multitasker with her toy in one hand, reading a book, and listening to music!

Thanks to Auntie Shaina for the music toy and video, and Rachel for the awesome books she sent!

January 13, 2008

Nine months

Sophie is a big 9 months today. In anticipation of her 9 month birthday, she decided to start walking the other day! It's not full blown walking, but she'll take 6 or 7 steps before losing her balance. It's so weird to see her walking. She really looks like a little toddler now. Also this week she has learned to wave, dance to music (swaying back and forth, she is a Rotstein after all) and bang her leg on the floor to music. It's been quite a week of milestones!

Here's a video Shaina took yesterday of her taking some steps. She seems so proud when she does it. So cute!

January 08, 2008

Splish Splash

Sophie had her first real bath today. We got her a blow up tub that fills with water and she absolutely loved it. She's taken a bath or two at Granma's house, but never at ours, or never really enjoyed it at ours until now. She finally has a tub that she feels comfortable in if she slips, which she tends to, and it's a perfect size. Up until now we've just been showering with her, which isn't nearly as much fun as you can't really splash in a shower. And just look at the hairstyles I can do with some shampoo!

January 06, 2008

Home sick

Sophie and I are both home with colds. Mine is not so bad, but she's not as lucky. I've been chasing her around with the nose aspirator trying to relieve her of all the goo. I finally have one of those snot nosed kids I always avoided. Not so gross when it's your kid!

She discovered the window the other day and loves to look outside and squeal at people and cars passing by. It's amazing that as crappy as she feels, she's still in great spirits as always.

January 04, 2008

Off to a great start

I am so pleased with the results of Iowa's Caucus last night! I've loved Barack Obama since the first time I saw him speak at the Democratic National Convention back 3 1/2 years ago. He just blew me away with his honesty and no nonsense approach of unity and hope and I knew the man was someone I need to pay attention to. Let's hope New Hampshire goes just as well. Although in the grand scheme of things this is just a small blip, it does put him on the map, it does make people take more notice and hopefully then consider voting him as our next leader.

Poor Hillary. She thought she had it all wrapped up. But know what they say about assuming.

In other news, Sophie will soon be nine months. She is still crawling everywhere, standing up and cruising, and lets go for several seconds. She still has NO teeth, but is definitely in pain so maybe one will pop through soon. But David didn't get teeth until 12 months, so maybe this is the one thing she inherited from him :-)

For Christmas we went to Miami. And by we I mean me and Sophie. David is having some anxiety issues and chose not to fly right now. But we had a nice time just the two of us and she was so good on the plane! I was able to get her her own seat (carseat) using my airmiles, so that was a big plus. It was nice seeing everyone and letting Sophie have the run of the house. And of course she got TONS of new toys.

It's absolutely freezing here now, in the teens and twenties, and it's tough staying in so much with Sophie. But she seems very comfortable and content in our little apartment so that's a relief.

Happy 2008 everyone. We made it!

January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!