November 20, 2008


We've been spoiled. Since Sophie was a wee one, we've been able to sleep in till anywhere between 7:30-8:30AM. Now, not so much. Lately she has been waking earlier and earlier. 7:00. 6:45. 6:30. And now 6:15. We thought maybe the time change. But two weeks before the time changes we start putting her to bed later and later each night until it's a full hour later, which also had her waking a full hour later. Then I thought maybe the neighbors, who's bathroom window looks onto her window, were taking a shower early and waking her. But that wasn't the case as I didn't see their light on when I went to get her. Today I realized it is the heat. Our heat doesn't come on at night. Rarely anyway. It comes on at precisely 6:15AM. I know this because the clank and rattle of our old radiators always wakes me up too. And sure enough, seconds later I hear Sophie begin to stir.

I'm thinking there is no way around this and I'm just going to have to get used to getting up early for the rest of the Winter. Another reason to wish for Spring to come quick.

November 19, 2008


Winter is almost here. The calendar says it won't be here for another month, but the temperatures outside lately say differently. Besides it getting dark around 4:30, another drawback is it's soon going to be too cold for Sophie to play outside for any length of time. And living in this small apartment she definitely needs to get out and about daily or she will go bonkers. As will I.

Yesterday the temperature hovered around 40 degrees, and I decided to take Sophie out one of the many great playgrounds in Central Park. Normally this play is mobbed. There is typically anywhere from 20-60 kids running around. Sometimes so many that I'm worried the big kids will knock her over. But yesterday there was ABSOLUTELY no one there. Not a single child. As I arrrived one mother was leaving. She said she is handing over the keys to the castle to us and we have the run of the place. Is this normal? Sophie seemed fine playing on the jungle gym and sandbox, although when she tried to climb the ladder the metal bars were so cold she promptly asked to come down.

So this leaves me thinking-where will we go when the weather gets really cold. Like 20's/30's cold? There are no indoor playspaces that I know of around here. She can always go for walks in her stroller, but she likes to move around and keep busy, so I prefer her to do some physical play.

So this, in turn, makes me wonder where we will live next. We are definitely moving next Summer when our lease is up, as we need a bigger 2 bedroom or maybe a 3 bedroom for when we decided to have #2. There are things that I really tired of living without, and I've divised a sort of 'Wish List' for the next place. A dishwasher, a laundry in the apartment or at least in the building, and, if we are not on the ground floor, an elevator. My choice would be to stay in the five boroughs, but maybe not Manhattan. While we love the quick commute and variety of things to do here, Sophie's happiness and space has become a priority. There's only so much she can do in this apartment. She can barely push her push toys a few feet before hitting a wall! The whole mystery of where we are going to move is constantly on my mind, as is when we are going to have another one and how we will manage it. I am VERY nervous about raising two kids as opposed to one. It just looks like SO much more work, and I'm still getting the hang of just raising one!

November 11, 2008

First Fudgsicle

November 10, 2008


Central Park was full peak this weekend. So we went yesterday afternoon so Sophie could witness the beauty first hand, and experience what it's like to play in the leaves! And boy did she have fun. The Japanese maple with the brilliant red leaves was a big draw in the park, with everyone taking photos next to it, and then stealing leaves, or for a greedy few, branches to take home with them.

November 05, 2008


I still am in disbelief of last nights historic victory! What an amazing time for our country, for our world! We watched nervously and once they announced PA and OH, we knew we had it. We had the individual votes, and more importantly the electoral votes we needed to win. And oh what a win! Champagne was popped, people were celebrating in the streets, honking their horns, banging on pots and pans, expressing their joy for our wonderful new President Obama. Wow, President Obama. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Now the real work begins to get the respect back we deserve and clean up the shit from the last 8 years. It's a tough road ahead, but I feel confident we put it in the hands of the right person.


November 03, 2008


Finally, the campaigning will stop.
Finally, the commercials will stop.
Finally, the bullshit will stop.
Finally, we get to vote.
Finally, we get to elect.
Finally, we will earn our respect back in the world.
Finally, we can get ourselves out of Iraq.
Finally, we will have a president we can all be proud of.
Finally, Barack Obama can say Yes. We. Did.

I hope.