January 28, 2007


I'm starting to panic a little about not being ready for Baby Monkey. I'm in my 30th week (YEY!) and I started thinking yesterday that I could have baby in 2-2 1/2 months. Yikes! I printed out the Consumer Reports Baby Needs Checklist and realize I only have 3 things on that list-crib, stroller and car seat. All very important things indeed, but still, SO much to get. And what really makes me worry is that David and I can never decide on anything. But in this case we just have to as time is running out.

So I started registering for all kinds of stuff at Target and Buy Buy Baby. More so for me to remember to get than for others. I'm so afraid of not being prepared and having to send out David everyday to pick up yet another item we forgot to get. I guess this is normal. Luckily though we do have a baby store right across the street from us which I'm sure will be a lifesaver. What luck!

I've also been struggling with the whole diapering decision. I just can't feel good about using disposables for the diapering career of my child. I think I read it takes 500 YEARS for disposable diapers to disintegrate into the earth. And they are just so full of chemicals. Not to mention the diaper rash they cause as they don't allow baby's skin to breathe. But I've decided to use disposable (yuck) in the very beginning as everyone I know has recommended Pampers Swaddlers for newborns. I just feel that we will be so tired and overwhelmed, having to wash and think about an alternative diapering solution won't be feasible in the early weeks. But as baby gets a little older I definitely want to try other options. But cloth seems difficult for apartment living as I can't and won't wash crappy diapers in a neighborhood laundromat. So I started thinking that maybe buying a portable washing machine and doing it here at home is an option. Another option I hope to try is these-Gdiapers. They basically have three parts, the cloth underpant (washable), the plastic liner (washable) and then the flushable insert. Flushable-what a invention! No poopy diaper smell in the apartment, no chemicals next to babies skin and no damage to the environment. I've heard mixed reviews, but am willing to give it a try. And they are just so damn cute too! I sure hope they work for us.

January 24, 2007


Getting dressed for work in the morning is becoming increasingly more difficult. This morning I put on a dress for work and thought I'd wear some boots with it but they don't fit anymore! Neither of my tall boots fit. The foot is too tight as is the calf. I couldn't even zip it up! Just within the last week my belly has grown so much that pants/tops that were fitting a week ago are now snug. I can't afford to keep growing at this rate! I thought i was done shopping but noooo, I must once again make another trip to the Gap for another pair or two of pants for work and maybe another top. Good thing I have a gift card that I got for Christmas! This is so expensive!

I'm also getting very nervous at how big my belly is. I have 2 1/2 months to go! I just can't imagine getting bigger but I know I will. I feel like going on maternity leave earlier than planned since I feel my budget can't keep up with my growing belly.

Boy I hope I go a couple weeks early. Come on Baby Monkey, you can do it!

January 22, 2007

Baby Monkey Bed

We ordered our crib last weekend. They told us it will take 8-10 weeks to come in. Yikes. Just in time. But we got a call on Saturday night saying it's already in! What luck. What timing! Luckily our friend Eric was driving in on Sunday to spend the day with us so it all worked out perfectly. The men and their muscles picked it up while I stayed home and napped. The box is huge. And oh so heavy. When they brought it up I noticed the brand name on the outside was wrong. As was the model name. Uh oh. So David called to ask and they told us it is the right crib, but the company is now using a different name. It better be-I'd hate for them to have done all this work to bring it up only to be the wrong thing.

Hopefully we can build it tonight. Exciting!

January 17, 2007

28 weeks!

I've started my 7th month. Can you believe it? I can't. I can't say time has flown because the first few months went very slowly for me as I was always worried things would go wrong. Once we passed the 20 week or so though I became much more relaxed and since then things have gone rather quickly and smoothly. I don't really have many complaints! Not yet anyway. The baby is definitely feeling heavier now than it was a week ago. He/she is also very active now. Yesterday was the most active day with kicks and pushes all over the place throughout the day. It seems he/she was wedged and comfy in my lower left pelvic area all this time but now has decided to explore other areas-which is a relief to me as it was getting uncomfortable. Sleeping is starting to become uncomfy now as it's hard to find a position that I can stay in for a good length of time. Baby also doesn't like it when I turn over and seems to kick and protest for a few minutes when I do!

It's also amazing how different my belly looks in various tops. We took pictures this morning of me wearing the same top my other belly shots were taken in, and then the top I am wearing today. I feel like I look much bigger in the sweater top. But I guess that's true of all clothes-some are more flattering than others. David loves when I wear tops that make my belly look bigger. He's so cute.

Saw the doctor yesterday and wasn't happy to find out I gained 6lbs in the last month. But I am eating very healthy, except for the holidays, so it is what it is. I will do better next time. The appointments will now be every two weeks instead of monthly. Can't believe we're getting close!

January 05, 2007


Do yourself a favor and rent this movie. We saw it twice over New Years weekend and are still in shock over what is happening to our beautiful earth. Although Al Gore has been known to be a bore at times, he is not during this movie. We could not believe what we were seeing and hearing. And they are solid facts that cannot be denied. No, it is not a theory. It is a fact. So rent it. Then go onto your local energy company and see if they offer green or wind energy. ConEdison does. And we are switching to 100% wind power. I think our planet is worth the extra few dollars a month. Don't you? It's the least we can do for our future, and the future of our children.

January 01, 2007

Happy 2007

Happy New Year to everyone! Last night we celebrated in Long Island with my cousins and aunt/uncle. We had a blast. But I must admit, being the only sober adult at a New Year's party aint all that. But David more than made up for it by drinking plenty all night long! He's turned into quite a lush lately (see pic #2) ;-) It was really nice to ring in the new year with my family and share my belly with them.

(Note-it was a toga party, we don't always dress like this for New Years)

Wishing each and every one of you the very best for a happy and healthy new year.