May 29, 2004

We saw Day After Tomorrow tonight. OH MY GOD. What crap. Complete waste of time and money. I feel insulted that they would actually think this is a well done movie and that movie goers would enjoy the story line. So freakin' stupid. That script, that directing. UGH. All I wanted to see was some cool scenes of NYC and the only ones they showed were the same ones you see on the trailer. Its an embarrassment to movie making. Shame on you!

After we ate yummy pizza at Patsy's and made ourselves feel better. Their pepperoni rocks!

May 28, 2004


Sophia redid her blog and it looks lovely. So I checked out the templates and see they added some new ones. What do you think? I can't decide...


Today is my Mummy's birthday. Soon she will be here celebrating her wedding. Happy birthday Mummy-I love you :)
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May 27, 2004

Not much to talk about this wk. I've been trying to leave on time from work. Tired of staying late. In the Winter it's fine, because its cold and there's nothing else to do. But now its nice n sunny out and I want to get the most of my Summer evenings. Next week I will start to jog in the park, although I am a little nervous w/ the Sarah Fox thing and all. So sad. But hopefully David will come too.

I'm very excited that its Memorial Day wknd. Finally 3 days off, with nice weather! I want to try and go to the Bronx Zoo finally, never been. And I also want to eat cupcakes and goat cheese salads. Mmmm, the tastes of Summer.

And I'm dying to buy a digital camera-but I don't want to hear it from Dave.

May 24, 2004


Today is my brother-in-law's birthday. Happy birthday Machu Pichu. Enjoy the last year of your 30's.

May 21, 2004

David and I made the trek out to Bay Ridge Brooklyn last night to have our hair done by Marco, the god of beautiful hair. And what a god he is.

Onthe way to Marco I read an article in AM New York about a great new Korean noodle shop, Kum Ryong at 30 W 32 St. MMM, fresh noodles. So on our way home we stopped in. The specialty is noodles in special brown sauce. We also ordered the noodles with sea food.

The special brown sauce consisted of a mixture of black bean sauce, onions and little bits of pork. Sooo tasty. It was like nothing I've had before. Really unusual. The poor guy in the front of the shop makes noodles to order. His forearms were like animal. So strong pulling all those noodles for hours upon hours. The seafood soup was great. You can order it as spicy as you like. David likes spicy. We also tried to order fried dumplings but the lady said no. NO? Its not even 9pm! But they ran out. Must have been the article. Highly recommended.

May 19, 2004


Fantasia has made it to the Final Two on American Idol. They finally got that pretty-young-thing-that-can't-sing Jasmine off the show. Bye bye Jasmine. I guess the 'Big Island' just couldn't call in enough votes for you after all. Good riddance! GO FANTASIA-YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!

I have a new email address. Of course I'll keep the old one around, but please try and email me at Gmail now instead. AOL sucks and I'd like to eventually ditch it if possible. Plus, I got the coveted Simone007 address! Woohoo!

" me some peanuts and crunch n munch"

From NY 1 News. So sad...

"You can still buy peanuts at Yankee Stadium, but you'll have to bring your own Cracker Jack.

Fans still sing the praises of the classic snack during the seventh inning stretch at Yankees games, but according to the New York Times, the stadium doesn’t sell it anymore. Cracker Jack has been replaced by a competitor, Crunch and Munch.

A Yankees spokesperson told the Times: "Cracker Jack is just a brand name. We're selling a caramel crunch that is the same thing."

The team says the change came after a decision by Cracker Jack to change its packaging from a box to a bag.

The Mets continue to sell Cracker Jack."

May 17, 2004

Star Trek 257-The Search for Pork

Saturday we went to my favorite street fair The 9th Avenue International Food Fair. I think we ate food from about a dozen countries within 10 minutes. Except pork. Poor Henry and I searched far and wide for our favorite pork-I think it was Puerto Rican. But sadly all we found was this cutie-but he wasn't ready yet, and what do the Irish know about pork anyway? There was also Irish Ice (?) which was actually pretty darn good. But I've never known the Irish to roast a pig on a spit and make italian style ice.

Standouts were the softshell crab with a really tasty sauce (Thai), Peter's of London ham n honey mustard on a biscuit (British, obviously) and Ropa Vieja (Cuban). I wish they had this festival at least once a month in the Summer. Dave said it wouldn't be special then. Who cares, at least I'd eat good!

Rushed to Matthew's place to watch the Preakness. OH-MY-GOD. What a race. What a horse. What an embarrassement that track is. Across the street from where the horses run is a used car lot for god's sake! And what about all those drunk bastards they stick in the middle? Such class. Ugh. I cannot wait for the Belmont. I feel 99% certain that the wonder of an animal Smarty Jones will be the first triple crown in 24 years. You go boy!

May 13, 2004

I knew I shouldn't have watched it. I knew it wouldn't leave my mind. But morbid curiosity got the best of me and now I'm really, really sorry I did. It really doesn't leave the mind. And its so frightening that people exist out there who are capable of doing something like this.

I only hope they don't release anymore of those prison pictures. Then things like this will happen again and again. I hope they have some sense this time.

May 12, 2004

Great news. It has been confirmed that the greatest band of all time (The Cure for you foolish ones) is going on tour yet again. I will be preparing for the emotional experience from now until July 31st.

I'm worried about my cousins. Really worried. First there was Alex, age 12. She was checked into the hospital over a wk ago because of a virus she picked up. Normally this virus is no biggie, my almost everyone in my family has Spherocytosis, a blood cell disorder where the cells are round, not oval as they usually are. And when you have this disease any little virus or infection can become life threatening. My brother and I don't have it. We are lucky.

So little Alex was checked in early last week and was very critical. They had to do 4 blood transfusions and nothing was helping. Her red and white blood cells were way low and not improving. But they finally transferred her to Stony Brook Hospital where they finally removed her spleen (5 lbs and 13 inches!) and gall bladder, and now as of yesterday she is home and doing much better. So much to go through for a little girl.

But things have not improved for my cousins. Her mother Cindy is now in ICU with the same problem. And as of this morning so is my other cousin Dagmar. We are all most worried about Cindy's son Michael, who is only 4 years old and could also have this virus. This is just a nightmare that keeps getting worse. I wish there was something I could do. I just hope everyone gets through this ok.

Take Your Stinking Paws Off Me...

Summer really is near. The Bryant Park Monday night movies have been announced!

Welcome SophiiiiAAAAAAAA!

Our long lost buddy Sophia in LA has decided to join our blogging community. Everyone give a warm welcome to Sophia! We miss you. Come visit us-its warm here now-I promise!!Monkeys like warm weather.

May 11, 2004


We had a wonderful time in Miami, particularly in South Beach.

On Wed we rented a convertible and drove down to Key Largo for some snorkeling. For some reason I expected us to be the only ones there but our boat was packed. Almost 40 people. The winds were a blowin' and I quickly took some Dramamine. It was extremely choppy out there but really nice and relaxing. The boat captain said "OK, everyone in" but no one went. It seemed we were all scared it would be too cold. Then one brave soul jumped and I was nice. Aaah, warm water. Nice. Really nice. It was hard to swim but manageable. I had to hold David's hand the whole time as he was a little nervous. So sweet.

Wed afternoon we dropped the car off at a garage and checked into our hotel. Beautiful hotel. Nice, clean room. Everything was perfect. Had dinner/drinks with my brother. Walked on Ocean Drive a little. So warm and breezy.

Thurs we crossed the street to the beach. Too windy to swim. Left and went to the 'sister' hotel which had a pool. More fancy than our hotel. It even had a mini beach in the back with swaying palm trees and big hammocks for two. Pure perfection.

Had dinner Thurs night at the Pelican Hotel. Took us a while to find a place that we liked for dinner. Many of the restaurants on Ocean Drive are BEGGING for business. It reminded me of Little Italy. A lot of them had sample dishes of food out covered in saran wrap. So classy. As you walk by they say "How many?" One place I stopped to look at a menu, decided it was too pricey, and gave the menu back. "Whats the problem" said the host. "Not right for us". "Why" he said. Well, I'm looking for something cheaper. "Cheaper? But don't you want GOOD?" "yes, but I want good and cheap". "You won't find that here on South Beach" he said. HA! I DID!! Ate and people watched. Everyone is dressed to kill in South Beach. They don't neccessarily have anywhere to go, but they dress up.

Friday we walked to the Delano Hotel which is simply breathtaking. It is just one huge piece of artistic perfection- inside and out. Right down to the bathroom sinks. Gorgeous. Had 1 drink each. $30 later we were off. Thank you Steve for making us go there.

Friday night saw 2 of the triplets and Grace's new boyfriend. Don't know what to say about him yet. He didn't really have too much to say. But she looked happy so all is good. Nice to see them.

Saturday and Sunday was spent w/ my family. So nice to see my nephews. I miss them so. Went to a little water park where they had great interactive water guns. So much fun spraying chlorine filled water into little kids eyes. Lots of fun and quality time spent with the family.

So now I'm back and wondering when my next vacation is. My Mom & Fred our trying to figure out where to go for their honeymoon. Looks like they may go to Capri, Italy. The most beautiful place on the earth. Damn, I need to get back on Expedia and do some planning...

May 04, 2004


Vacation. Finally. I was up late last night packing. I'm exhausted. I leave work at 3pm. I have so much work to finish up its ridiculous. But at 5:45 I will be on the plane. Bloody Mary in hand. Off to paradise. Or something like it.

May 03, 2004

Beautiful weekend. Rain? What rain? We actually decided not to gamble our $39 on the NY Five Boro Bike Tour b/c we thought it would rain Sunday morning. But they lied! It was beautiful. So bummed we missed out on our favorite NYC event. Oh well, next year I guess.

Played poker Fri night at Sarah's. I won $16.50!! Woohoo.

Walked around town enjoying the weather on Saturday. Had a really great dinner at Gonzo's on W 13 btwn 6th & 7th. Such a nice neighborhoody place. Really really tasty Italian, northern I think. Great appetizers. Great entrees-I had the quail stuffed w/ chicken, bacon, apples in a wine sauce. Felt kinda bad b/c the quail is so small and cute-little tiny legs and wings. Poor little thing. But damn was it tasty! The desserts are fantastic too. I highly recommend.

Sunday we walked around town. Had to have my cupcake fix so we stopped at Billy's. The vanilla w/ vanilla frosting is divine. Also tried the red velvet-nothing to write home about at all. Frosting was bland and unsweet, cake didn't have much flavor. Bah! Must go to a REAL southern bakery for some authentic Red Velvet Cake.

We then went to Chelsea Piers to watch boats and golf balls whiz by. Waved to Henry who was across the river at Hoboken waving back. Too hazy to see him-but apparently he saw us. He has eyes sharp like eagle.

Sopranos finally had a good episode last night. You go Vito! Then we topped it off with a couple episodes of Buffy. We're actually considering taking some Buffy w/ us to Miami. Can't have a night w/ out it.

But all this violence took its toll on my dreams last night. I dreamt I was back in Miami. I was Tony Soprano's official bodyguard, and he ordered me to kill Johnny Sachs' bodyguard who was the girl from Kill Bill Vol. 1, Sophie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus). Well me, her and someone else starting kicking ass Buffy/Uma style. She then begged for mercy and to give her another chance, that I was making a mistake. So I let her go. But Tony was mad at me, and told me I made a terrible mistake and I have to kill her. Ok I said, tomorrow. I then went home to an empty apt and couldn't sleep all night for fear she was going to creep in and kill me ala Uma style (Japanese steel, knives, snakes, you name it). Very frightening. But loads of fun. It was like Kill Bill-Vol. 3.

In other news, Celvyn went to Coachella this wknd in LA and saw Radiohead and The Cure. I officially don't like him anymore. Bye bye Celvyn.

But tomorrow is the start of our Miami trip and I am sooo psyched. We are renting a convertible and going snorkeling Wed morning in the Keys. Life is nice. And I'm lovin' it!