October 31, 2004

Autmn in New York

Walked through Central Park yesterday. The trees were alive with color. Not as vibrant as other years, but beautiful nonetheless. Rented rowboats which was great. We were the only people out there rowing except for maybe 1 or 2 others. The water was smooth as glass. The park peaceful. The weather very mild with a beautiful mist rising through the trees and covering the buildings of midtown.

October 29, 2004


This is some amazing shit. Of course it's just coincidental, but still...

Since the Redskins became the Redskins in 1933, the result of the team's final home game before the presidential election has correctly predicted the White House winner. If the Redskins win, the incumbent party wins. If they lose, the incumbent party is ousted.

All I gotta say is-GO PACKERS!!

October 28, 2004

subway stories

I've been thinking about the subway a lot the past 2 days. I remembered my favorite subway story.

My first week living in NYC I was taking a lot of trains to interviews around the city. It was great because I was learning all the different lines and stops. One afternoon on the 1 train I was sitting and minding my own business. We stopped at 59th Street and the doors were open for maybe 15 seconds when an elderly lady near me realized it was her stop and starting making her way over to the door. Slowly. Very slowly. I thought to myself 'she's not going to make it'. The woman was very hunched over and scuffled along to the door. Just as she got to the door it closed on her. I mean literally closed on her. On her head/neck. Only her head was sticking out of the train and her body remained in the train. The doors began to open, close, open, close continuously, her head been banged every time. I sat and watched in horror as she quietly mumbled "ay, ay, ay", but I was frozen. Two men next to me finally jumped up and held the doors open so she could get out. The train began to move and a woman nearby said "only in New York". Indeed.

Anyone else want to share their favorite subway story?

October 27, 2004


The curse is in full force tonight. The Boston Red Sox are about to win the World Series and the ghost of Babe Ruth has covered the moon with his shadow in his anger.

Not really. But there was a full eclipse of the moon at 10:23pm tonight.

at peace

I must say I'm feeling at peace this week. Finally getting a grip on things at work. Finally finished Running with Scissors. Fucked up. Finally coming to terms with the fact that I cannot control the election and that I have done my best to persuade all I come in contact with to vote Kerry. I was able to get 4 people registered at work (all for Kerry) and I am almost through with convincing my Miami friend Maria to vote for Kerry. Oh, and that elevator guy I mentioned in an earlier post, he's voting for Kerry too. His gramma convinced him. Go granny!

I like this new blog. I was feeling to confined with the small boxes around the last one. This one is more open. A larger playing field. More room to roam around and grow.

Today was the Centennial birthday of the New York City Subway. I was feeling kind of bummed that I didn't do anything to celebrate. I thought I could go to the Transit Museum during lunch but I never made it. As I left work I went to take the 7 train but it wasn't running. So I walked with all the other bitching people to catch the Shuttle to Times Square. And lo and behold what did I see but a glorious antique subway car had replaced the usual shuttle train. How excited was I?? It was beautiful. A work of art. Inside there were real old fashioned rotary fans hanging off of the ceiling, old advertisements on the walls and great old fashioned signage. It was such a great way to celebrate the Centennial.

I love New York.

Happy 100th!

Happy 100th birthday to our beloved subway system! 100 years ago the rich n' fancy took their first ride on the subway and so began the greatest and largest subway system in the world.

You don't look a day over 99 subway.


damn damn damn!

October 26, 2004

blog change

I've changed my template. It seems very Autumnal. And with this crappy gray weather we're having it just seems very appropriate. Maybe when the really cold chills of Winter roll in I'll change it again to something cool n' frosty.

I got a rock

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on tonight at 8pm. This is probably my second favorite Peanuts cartoon, next to Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

Christmastime is herrrrrre...

October 25, 2004

Bubba, Buffy and boots

Damn that Clinton is hot.

Friday night went out w/ Dave, Henry and LeeAnn to Chumley's. Thanks again for introducing me to Chumley's Celvyn. It's def one of our fav's. Sat by the fire and drank beer and gobbled down burgers n' fries. Turns out LeeAnn is a Cure fan. A HUGE Cure fan. We traded stories and then I told her about my religious experience touching Robert Smith. I almost teared up telling it and she DID tear up hearing it! We connected. It was emotional reliving the events of June 2000. Oh what a night.

Anyway, I've been searching for boots now for about 4 weeks. Every wknd has been a manhunt for the 'right' boots. Bought some, returned some. Finally found the right ones last week at Ann Taylor Loft. But they didn't have my size. Bastards! But luckily they have a website so my lovely boots, in both black and dark brown should be arriving any day now. I also found cute black suede boots on Saturday made by Havana Joe. I don't know what Cuban's know about boots, but they darn cute and they're mine.

I'm missing Buffy big time. Finished Season 5 over a month ago and now that it's all soaked in we're ready to move on to the next stage. There really is nothing good on tv anymore. Even my beloved Survivor is sucking. Pretty much all I watch regularly is CSI (the original of course) and Survivor. Everything else is crap. The Apprentice is so boring. Nothing good on any of the HBOs, Cinemax's or Showtime's. I can't believe I'm getting tired of reality tv. At least It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on tomorrow.

How awesome was it to see Clinton on the campaign trail? That man should be president for life. He just exudes so much charisma, confidence and charm. And all the Bush people can come up with is Giuliani and da Terminator? Puh-lease!

October 20, 2004

Terrence Trammell

My co-worker's cousin stopped into the office for a few minutes yesterday. His cousin is the amazing Terrence Trammell. Terrence won the silver medal in the Sydney and Athens Olympics for Men's Hurdles. He was beaten this year by a Chinese guy who came outta nowhere and won the gold and also set an Olympic record. I got to hold his medal. It was beautiful. So heavy. He said the Sydney and Atlanta medals were larger. He was all dressed in his tracksuit. Apparently a bunch of atheletes were brought in to help promote the Olympics in NYC for 2012. I asked him if we'll see him in 2008 and he said "we'll see". Good luck Terrence.

October 19, 2004

Who's YOUR Daddy?

Who's going to comfort this little brat when he's home crying tonight? It amuses me that these people actually think they have a chance. Bring it on home Yankees. And please let me get to bed at a decent hour this time!


October 15, 2004

richard marx

For some reason everytime I watch VH1 Classic-We Are The 80's I get depressed. I'm not a depressed person. In fact I'm almost always a happy, unstressed, life-is-wonderful person. But what is it about 80's music that always brings me down? I admit that I'm not particularly fond of the decade. It represents the awkward junior high years, my parents getting divorced, and several (Fred) unwelcomed changes. But it wasn't the end of the world. And I did have good times as well (good friends, high school). So what is it? Tonight I watched Richard Marx with his big hair and short stature singing "Should've Known Better" and I immediatlely felt sad. But it's also extremely hard to tear myself away from the show. It draws me in. I really should've known better. Damn 80's.

I need this

Sometimes, just for a fleeting moment, I wish I lived alone so I could buy stuff like this.

Happy Birthday SophiaAAAAAAAHHH!

Happy belated birthday to Princess Monkey Sophia. All best wishes and happy monkey thoughts to you!


Scott sent me this. Very well done.


I find myself constantly worrying about this election. I feel like my life is at stake or something. When we went to Block Island I told David I don't want any discussions about it. It was nice to hide away on the pretty little island and forget about the world and its troubles. But now I'm back. We actually got back just in time for the final debate. So I was thrown right back into it all.

I don't think the Kerry comment about Kerry's daughter was a big deal. Of course they're jumping on any opportunity to hurt the Kerry campaign and now making a HUGE deal about it. Get over it. At least he answered the damn question on whether or not homosexuality is a choice. Bush just said 'i dunno'. Yeah, we know how you really feel buddy. You don't fool anyone. Except the stupid Republicans.

October 14, 2004

Electoral College

Matthew showed me this great site for keeping an eye on the Electoral College votes. Its a damn shame this antiquated system is still around. But I did learn a lot on this site. Still, very scary the way things are looking. It's all up to you Florida, don't blow it.

Bush notes

Eugene sent me this funny jpg of Bush's notes during the debates...

Block Island

We had an amazing time in Block Island, as always. The weather was chilly but very sunny. I love going in the Fall because you feel as though you are the only ones there and it is truly your island. It is such a magical place. I can't wait to go back again next Summer.

our self portrait at the bluffs

southeast lighthouse

west beach

northeast lighthouse

pensive at the lighthouse

pretty ducks all in a row

after the diggin' is done

Room #10

west beach surf

October 10, 2004


Sunday we went apple picking with Matthew, Henry and Eric. Sat in apple traffic for an hour before we finally got into the orchard. Must be prime apple season. Minivans were everywhere. Had a really great time picking, tossing, smashing and eating apples. It was a truly perfect Autumn day.

Eric trying his hand at Apple Baseball


View from Maskers Orchard

Henry and his goods

Creepy baby thingy we found on the ground

My husband

Matthew and his "bat"

October 08, 2004

scary movie

Watch this.

October 04, 2004



My friend Maria from Miami is visiting this wknd. It's been great having her here. I really miss having a 'girl'friend around to shop and giggle with.

On Saturday before she arrived I went with Matthew & David to Century 21. David ended up leaving because he was tired & headachy. This is bad because that left me alone in a big store with a credit card. Not good.

Ended up buying a fab new DKNY winter coat. Beautiful chocolate brown. Matthew says it looks business-y. Which is what I wanted. 90% wool, 10% cashmere. Cashmere! I've never owned anything cashmere before! I had to buy it. I deserve it. Of course once I got the coat I also had to get a new matching hat/scarf/glove set. And since I already got 10% cashmere why not get a 100% cashmere set? So I did. It was pretty cheap. Really pretty apple green color. Soft and creamy against my skin. Then we went to Syms and I ended up buying yet another coat. White 3/4 length semi-puffy coat filled with down. So nice n' cozy. And only $59 bucks! How could I pass that up? Now I can't wait for Winter!!

Maria arrived Saturday evening. We went to Mexicana Mama for dinner. Waited what we told would be 20 minutes (turned into 45) and then sat down for a truly incredible meal. This place is amazing. Everyone was in heaven with what they ordered.

Sunday we went to Dim Sum. Got there late, 3pm, and just got leftovers. But it was still tasty. Maria's 2 sisters wanted Louis Vuitton knockoffs. I told Maria they are hard to find nowadays due to the purse/cd crackdown in Chinatown. But as soon as we got onto Canal St a lady standing on the corner was whispering to all ladies who passed by "Pssst, Louis Vuitton?". Perfect! But what happened next was totally unexpected. I expected to be led into a storefront and shown a catalog or something. Instead, we were led into a tiny building. Walked up 3 flights of stairs with vagrants hanging about, led up to a tiny room with a lock. Entered. Door locked behind us. Entered another room with a padlock. Door closed. And there they were. There must have been about 30 or so purses on display hanging from the 4 walls of the tiny room. Louis Vuitton. Coach. Chanel. The works. I couldn't help but wonder if the cops were going to bust through the door at any moment and we'd all be doomed. But Maria chose the bags she needed and we were off. But not before we were psst'd again on the way down "I got Prada, Gucci, you want? Follow me." No thanks. One adventure was enough for us.

October 01, 2004

more of the same

Well the first of the 3 debates is over and I must say I'm very pleased. Bush looked like a complete idiot as I suspected he would and once again succeeded in embarrassing me as an American. Kerry looked extremely presidential and blew Bush out of the water. It almost pained me each time it was Bush's turn as he would say, ever so simply, his answer, and then try to fill the remaining 1:45 with uh's, um's, hand slamming and his mouth hanging open. Although both did make some errors (Kerry saying they closed down NYC Subways during RNC, Bush saying 100,000 troops have been trained in Iraq, when it's really only 50,000) I thought hands down Kerry came across as more in control, with more of a detailed plan, and definitely a better understanding of how the world works outside of the good ol' US of A. Lets hope other people feel this way. Because I sure don't want "MORE OF THE SAME" for another 4 years.

But I must say what is with Teresa Heinz Kerry's clothes? Her hair is always a mess, and her clothing looks like she's wearing a straight jacket. That chick needs to buy some less constricting suits in a color other than white.