February 28, 2004

Hearing about Rachel's amazing results I've decided to try this South Beach Diet. Bought the book, read it, and it totally goes against everything I've ever done. Its like Atkins but not so fatty. Based more on low fat, lean meats, and no sugar. Sugar=bad. White flour=bad. I think I can do this.

So today I went to the supermarket and loaded up on part-skim string cheese, sugar free jello and eggs. Now I'm armed n' ready to lose some pounds. Wish me luck. Woohoo!

David's busy working at home so I decided to go out and do what women do-shop. Dangerous-yes. Went looking for a spring jacket. Came back with 2. Both 50% off, but that equals one expensive coat. I'm trying to decide if I should keep both or return one. Hm, we'll have to see if my conscience gets the best of me.

February 26, 2004


I cannot believe whats going on in our country lately. First the nipple. Then the possible gay marriage ban. Now they have taken off the Howard Stern show from 6 cities. According to Clear Channel "Clear Channel drew a line in the sand today with regard to protecting our listeners from indecent content, and Howard Stern's show blew right through it". Protecting our listeners? If you don't want to hear it, you don't turn it on. Its just that simple. This is a very scary place to live in right now. I'm frightened. I guess it really is the year of the monkey.

David takes pretty pictures in Central Park

Happy Animal Story from AM News...


A Labrador Retriever was found alive on an isolated cove of an Alaskan island over a month after its owner was presumed dead when his boat sank in rough seas.

Those snipets give me such a warm, fuzzy feeling. Now I can go on with my day.

February 24, 2004

I spent most of last night and some of this morning trying to download all the B-Sides & Rarities from the 'new' Cure box set Join The Dots. I will have to try again tonight as I was only about 50% successful. Being a HUGE Cure fan, but a broke one, I am unable to purchase this. The bit I did get is awesome and its so nice to finally have good, quality recordings of the B-Sides instead of dusting off the tapes/poorly recorded versions I was used to.

As David & I walked through Central Pk this wknd, we were talking about music class in elementary school. He asked me if I remembered any songs we sung in school. Of course I do! There was the ever popular "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch", "15 Miles on the Erie Canal", and, on Fridays, we would all sing "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago. What a treat!

David's answer was a little bizzare. "The Coffee Song" was his class song. It went like this...

C-o-f-f-e-e, coffee is not for me,
It's a drink some people wake up with,
That it makes them nervous is no myth,
Slaves to a coffee cup, they can't give coffee up.

Hmm, I like my songs better.

February 23, 2004

Good news in the world of medicine. Looks like you won't need that Band-aid after all!

February 20, 2004

Went to The Mercury Lounge last night to see a few co-workers work their rock n' roll magic on stage. The place was packed with East Village kids who were there to see the bands coming on AFTER my friends. Beer was poured from the bottle into plastic cups. I don't like plastic cups. They cheapen the whole experience. My (very large) friend had to pee really badly and ended up breaking the stall door. Our office drunk was in full form last night, jumping on people's backs for piggy back rides and bumping into glass doors. Fun was had by all.

February 18, 2004

This is my laundryman. He is not a happy man. Neither is his wife-she's just plain old nasty. Every couple of weeks or so, we rush home so we can get our laundry in by 6:45 and out by 8. If we don't finish by 8 he or she stands over us, arms crossed, with angry looks on their faces.

I know its not the best job in the world. But would it kill them to give a simple smile once in a while, or a wave goodbye?

For years, when we leave, we always say "have a good night". Never do we get a reply. Last night, we just left in silence. And I liked it.

February 16, 2004


I am SO happy I have Prez Day off. Woo hoo!

Had a nice V Day. The Fresh Direct goodies were excellent. Went to Williams Sonoma with our gift certificate and got ourselves a nice little fondue pot. I was too sicky to eat fondue on Sat, we had them Sun night. The chocolate fondue was out of this world. Came w/ sour cream pound cake (YUM!), HUGE stemmed strawberries, and pineapple for dippin'. Incredible. Watched Insomnia. OK movie but I enjoyed scenes of Alaska so therefore movie was thumbs up in my book. Now I want to go there.

Saw the first episode of The Office. ZZZzzzz, what is it about this show that you like? Ok, the guy is funny. But then its just the same ol' joke over n over again. And its so slow and badly paced. I'm gonna go ahead and return it to Henry.

Today watched Solaris. Zzzzzz, another dull one. Steven Soderbergh can really make a slow ass movie. He's up there w/ Michael Mann. There's nothing good on In Demand anymore!! I guess I will look to PBS for some good Tupperware programing like Henry did.

February 14, 2004


Terrible news in plastic land. It seems Barbie and Ken have...called it quits? In a press release from Mattel the dynamic duo have decided to go their separate ways after 43 years together. Reports say it may be due to Ken's reluctance to tie the knot. But we all know the 'real' reason.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy happy joy joy to everyone. Kisses to you all!

For my first Valentines Day with my new husband I ordered something so awesome from
Fresh Direct. Within 2 hours we should (hopefully) receive a delivery with all the fixin's for a romantic Fondue for 2! I chose the cheese one which also comes w/ a chocolate fondue dessert. It even includes 'breakfast in bed'!

Yet another reason why I love living in Manhattan :)

February 10, 2004


Today is my Dad's 77th birthday. Yes, 77th.

When I called him on the phone to wish him a happy one, he told me about when he was a little boy growing up in Riga, Latvia. He said the thing he wanted most of all, instead of games, instead of toys or a party, was bananas. They were such a rare treat, so sweet and tropical, that thats all he dreamed of. So, when he awoke on the morning of his birthday, to his delight was a big bowl of bright yellow, perfectly ripe bananas awaiting him. Ah, the good ol' simple times.

Happy birthday Dad. And many more.

I regularly pick up the new free paper AM NEWS in the mornings on my way to work. The stories are short and perfect for reading on the train. I particularly look forward to the 'Happy Animal' stories that are found on the front page. They always give me a smile (which is much needed when I'm about to get to work-blah).

Operation for Tortoise Twins

A pair of conjoined tortoises were separated an an Arizona animal hospital. Peanut Butter and Jelly-so named because 'you can't have one without the other'-were joined at the side of the belly near the tail end, slightly offset in a heart-shaped configuration. The two tortoises spent about half of their lives with one on its back, the other trying to kick itself over.

Now thats a feel good story :)

February 07, 2004

Just had a lovely walk through Central Park. We first checked out the new Shops at Columbus Circle. Basically a fancy mall filled with rich white people. Very bizarre. So suburbia but I must admit I am a fan of the mall. David is not so after 5 minutes we had to leave and experience some 'real' New York, hence the walk thru the park. So beautiful and peaceful.

Bad news. The baby below died. So sad.

February 06, 2004

I...I..don't really know what to say about this. It has to be one of the most disturbing images I've ever seen. I wish the baby well but....how could this happen?? Its like something out of Nightmare on Elm Street. How can this be real?

February 05, 2004

Went to Benny's Burritos last night w/ Husband and Henry. I swear they have the BEST pulled bbq chicken burrito. It totally rocks. Then we finished up with none other than a Magnolia cupcake (or two). I just can't believe that there could be anything better than the vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla frosting. Its pure perfection. Sweet, creamy, so fresh.

As we walked away stuffing our faces w/ cupcakes we passed the filming of the very last Sex in the City episode. Now I know the show aint what it used to be but it was still cool to see the filming. After a few minutes of hanging around we saw...


none other than Mr. Big walk by and then Sarah Jessica. We were kinda far but it looked as if they were filming a scene where Carrie comes our of her apt and gets into Big's limo. I knew it!!! I knew she'd end up with him. Woohooooo!! Go Big!!

It was so cool to see the filming. It just felt like such a New York City night. So then we left, happy and full with icing all over our faces. Mmmmm.

February 04, 2004

William Hung from American Idol is back! It seems there's now a whole website devoted to our #1 banger.


Eugene sent me this Mr Picassohead link.

This is me and David. Hm, I look kind of angry.

February 02, 2004

Here's the latest addition to the Rotstein/Launerts household. A brand spankin' new Cusinart Grind n Brew Coffee Machine!!

For some reason I have wanted to buy something domestic. This was the winner. I'm now on my way to suburban life.

We haven't actually made any coffee yet, but after reading the directions I'm almost certain it will be a crowd pleaser. It has such special features as:

~1-4 cup button:apparently when you brew a small amount of coffee w/ normal coffee makers it doesn't heat up the water as much. This one makes 1-4 cups EXTRA HOT. Nice!

~Brew pause button: when you just can't wait to pour yourself a cup and don't want the drip spilling all over the place, simply press the pause feature to stop the process. Nice!

~Timer: this beauty allows you to set a timer so at your preferred wake up time it will grind the beans then brew immediately so your coffee is fresh n hot. Nice!

It also has a charcoal filter to make the water tastier (as coffee is 98% water!) and a goldtone filter so you never need to buy those pesky paper filters that often fold under pressure.


Happy Groundhog Day

So our furry friend Phil saw his shadow. Looks like another 6 wks of winter. But is this really a surprise to anyone? BAH!

So whats all the fuss about?

Ms. Jackson (if ur nasty)=HOT HOT HOT

The night would've been a total waste without the pastie!