January 31, 2005

laundry night

Tonight was laundry night. And boy did we have a lot. 5 loads. The place was packed when we got there but thinned out soon after. As we loaded everything into the dryers I realized we were missing our bathroom rug. I checked all the machines. Nothing. Checked again. Nothing. David and I looked around scratching our heads. Then I noticed a rug that looked identical to ours on the bottom of a man's pile as he finished folding his clothes. No. It couldn't be. I looked at David and mumbled to him that I think the man has our rug. I said 'what should i do"? David shrugged his shoulders. So I went over and asked "um, that's not our rug is it?" "NO, It's mine". DOH! Damn.

So we looked through all the machines again and lo and behold there it was, stuck to the roof of one of the machines. Boy did I feel like an ass. I couldn't look at the guy in the eye again.

January 28, 2005

DVR & me

Picked up my DVR last night. After waiting in line for 1 HOUR! What the hell is that? When I arrived I was given a ticket number 399. They were on 369. Not so bad I thought. So I waited. And waited. And waited. For some reason some people who walked in were not given a ticket and sent to a 'special' line. All the people waiting with me were getting pissed at the 'special' people. Who were they and why did they not get a number? None of us asked. We just sat and complained to each other.

Finally my number came up and I got my new box. It weighs like 30 lbs. What the hell? They gave me a pretty Time Warner bag to carry it. As I left the bag handle broke. I brought it back and got another bag. As I left that one broke. The man at the counter told me I'm holding it wrong. What? I am holding the string handles in my hand. How is that wrong? So he double tied it and I was on my way, struggling the whole way home with the weight of this beast.

Setting it up was an equal hell. The damn thing is too big to fit in my TV cabinet on top of all my other components. So I had to put the thing sideways next to my TV. Looks stupid. But what's a girl to do?

Started watching TV and noticed it has glitches. Sometimes it freezes for a second. Sometimes the sound freezes. I'm not sure if it's because I have the thing on it's side or if I got a faulty box or maybe it just sucks. Anyone else have this problem? I didn't have it with my regular digital cable box.

But in all I am happy. Why? Because now I am DVR'ing Buffy every morning at 8am on FX. I knew this thing would come in handy.

January 27, 2005


I don't think I've ever been as cold as I was this morning walking to work. The news said 9 degrees. But it felt more like 9 below. It was so cold that there didn't seem to be any oxygen in the air. It was hard to breathe. And the breathing I could do froze my nasal cavities and went straight up to my brain and hurt like hell.

Maybe I should look into some cheap flights to Miami. This is just ridiculous.

January 26, 2005

Simple Life

I love A Simple Life. Paris and Nicole, especially Nicole crack me up. They had me in tears today. I know it's mostly an act but I seriously don't laugh this hard at any other show. I'm talking falling off the couch, hardy, can barely catch my breath laughter.

David won't admit it, but I saw him laughing too.


I've been meaning to get a DVR box (Tivo) for a while now. Well today my friends I finally made the call. I am beyond excitement. Oh the possibilities! I'm tired of asking people to tape this or that, or canceling plans so that I can watch American Idol or Survivor. It's time to grow up!

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have this puppy and be on my way to watching even more TV than I am now.

feeling blah

Feeling kinda blah today. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the fact that our Block Island plans are finally set for July 4th week and I'm realizing how far away that is. Way too far.

I'm also listening to The Verve-Urban Hymns which always reminds me of our honeymoon in Nice and our wonderful stay at Chateau Eza. Oh how glorious it was. Pure luxury and relaxation.

The village of Eza precedes the Romans and was one of their strongholds. It clings to the cliff 1,300 feet above the azure Mediterranean. 400 year-old Ch√Ęteau Eza (reached only by donkey) has kept its ancient charm despite the addition of 21st century comforts and facilities. A night spent in any of the luxurious bedrooms is to come face-to-face with history. The guestrooms are reached by walking under stone passageways, up steps, past cave-like shops and restaurants. This is a proper hideaway and one much celebrated: 'The second most romantic restaurant in the world' says Barbara Brass's Romantic Hideaway Survey. 'Retreat of the year' wrote Andrew Harper. The dining room and the cliff-top terrace offer magnificent views of the sea by day, enchanting sunsets and a galaxy of glittering lights of the Riviera coast by night.

Tomato cheddar

To combat my 'blahness' I have indulged in my favorite soup for lunch-Tomato Cheddar from Amish Market. I very rarely get it because it's basically 3 parts cheddar, cream and butter, 1 part tomato. Damn, is it good.

Topped off with some French Lemonade on the side it's a perfect treat to eat my blah's away.

January 24, 2005

fuzzy balls

Over the weekend David and I watched a few Hayao Miyazaki films including Porco Rosso and my alltime favorite My Neighbor Totoro. The cute little raccoon on Pom Poko look interesting so we took a look.

Whoa nelly! What the hell are these things? They have testicles.

I thought we must be wrong so I asked Eugene about it. He found this link. Holy cannoli! That must be one fertile beast!

Knicks game

They lost. They suck. But the seats were awesome.

Best of all-we got to see Ethan Hawke and little Uma. So cute. Both of them.

Winter wonderland in Central Park

Central Park on Sunday afternoon. The orange markers are to mark the bases for Christo & Jean Claude's new project The Gates.

Cross-country skiing on the bridal path.

Partially frozen reservoir.

Yours truly

96th Street and Amsterdam. Poor guy.

January 23, 2005

help! I'm snowed in!!

Not really. I guess it didn't fall as heavy as they thought. Still beautiful though. Since I haven't ventured outside yet, here's a pic of my window sill.

We have tickets to the Knicks game today, courtesy of my work. I wonder if they're still playing?

January 22, 2005

let it snow!

Went out for a quick stroll in the snow. It was nice at first. Then it felt like little ice cold needles hitting me in the face. Beautiful though. Snow is what makes the Winter bearable. So pretty.

notice how swollen my jaw is!

January 21, 2005

oral surgery-the aftermath

I'm home from my surgery. Arrived there at 1. Dr didn't see me until 1:45. David came to wait for me. The Dr told me it would take 45 minutes. It took 2 hours. I felt bad that David had to wait all that time when he could've been at work. But such is life.

I was nervous as hell but it all went very smoothly. Layed back in the chair. They attached a blood pressure cuff to my arm and a pulse clip to my finger. The blood pressure cuff goes automatically every 10 minutes. I felt like I was in a mini hospital. I watched the meter and my BP was 125 over 75. Perfect. My pulse started around 55 then slowly climbed up to 90! I realized that as I watched it was becoming more and more nervous which made it rise. So I took deep breaths and relaxed. Back to 75.

Then it was time for the sedation. I always hate the inital prick as everyone does. But it was very quick and painless. And within 1 minute I was feeling loopy. The leaves on the giant painting in front of me started to move and if they were coming closer. I knew then that this was gonna be A-OK.

I woke up once during the process to find 4 people standing over me poking and prodding. The salesman for a tool they started using was in and wanted to see how it works. So I had an audience. Lucky me. I hope I didn't drool too much. I think I must've been awake for about 5 minutes. They looked a little surprised to see me up. Then the Dr said he would add some more of the good stuff and within seconds I was out again. Only to wake up 2 hrs later. No pain. Just slight confusion and a realization that I am damn glad I went ahead with the sedation.

So now I'm all stitched up and gauzed. I got 3 prescriptions for Vicodin, Antibiotics and an Anti Inflammatory. I can only eat soft foods. So far I have loaded up on mashed potatoes and gravy, yogurt, cottage cheese and vanilla ice cream. Hey, maybe this aint so bad after all.

I guess I'll know tomorrow when the pain kicks in.

oral surgery

I have my Apicoectomy today at 1pm. I am scared. I am scared as hell. I will be getting the IV sedation so I will hopefully sleep through the whole thing. But the whole IV thing scares me too.

I guess my weekend is shot. At least I'll be able to see the snowstorm from my bedroom window as I lay in agony for the next few days.

Wish me luck.


It's 9 degrees outside and I had to wake up at 6:15AM this morning to be at work early.

Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times.

January 20, 2005

Tonight's the night

My last Buffy. So sad.

I've actually toyed with the idea of not watching the last episode so I'd always have one last one that I didn't see. But nah, that's crazy.

So I am making a nice meal and awaiting David's arrival from work. We will eat, get in our Buffy watching spots on the couch, and cry.

January 19, 2005

woe is me

I am sad. Sad because tonight and tomorrow will be the last 2 episodes of my beloved Buffy. Yes my friends, after Friday you will no longer have to hear about my love affair with the show. THE show. THE greatest show of all time.

Last night's episode TOUCHED was amazing as most of the series has been. Tears were flowing on screen and on my cheeks. It seems goodbyes are being made and things are coming to a close.

I think I will join Netflix now and try to find something else to delve into. Maybe 24. Maybe I'll revisit all my buddies on X-Files.

Ugh. Woe is me.

January 18, 2005


It's so cold outside it hurts.

January 17, 2005

Over the threshold and back again (a Floridians tale)

We just got all dressed up to go out to Central Park for a stroll. I had on my over the knee sokcs, boots, jeans, nifty new 'Sunnydale High School' t-shirt (xmas gift from Henry), wool tutleneck extra thick sweater, gloves, hat, scarf and chapstick. We stepped outside in front of our apartment front door, felt the unbelievably strong winds and windchill that comes along with it, turned around, and came back inside.

So now we are watching the X-Files marathon. Because before Buffy there was X-Files. And because inside it's warm and there's hot cocoa.

Winter sucks.


I've felt so blah this whole wknd. Maybe it's the crappy Winter weather. Maybe it's the fact that Matthew has this awesome new 2 bdrm apt that rocks and he's only paying $300 more than we are for DOUBLE the space. I know our time will come but I just wish we could move now. I want it now daddy!

Oh well. The wknd has just flown by and I don't feel we really did anything. I did solidify plans for Summer vacations to Block Island and St Lucia. But Summer seems so, so far away.

Another downer is we are on our last 5 episodes of Buffy. Last 5 ever. We have a strict limit of 1 episode per night. That means in 5 days it will be all over. Forever. Never to see a new episode again. Ever. And that blows. It blows big time.

January 14, 2005

Roscoe Peekoe Train

My friend Maria's dog 'Roscoe' Miami, FL.

I always thought Enis' dog on Dukes of Hazzard was 'Roscoe Peekoe Train'. Only now when I googled it do I find out that it is really Roscoe P. Coletrain. Who knew?

Anyway, isn't he the most beautiful dog you've ever seen?

Bloggy McBlogster where are you?

I have a friend named Celvyn. He used to write one of the funniest blogs I've seen. But lately his posts are far and few between. Hey,that rhymes!

It's sad how some bloggers just neglect their blogs. Don't they know we all rely on them to get us through the work day? I need a break between work sometimes and I turn to the blogs for my much needed R&R. It's like the birdfeeders. You can't put a birdfeeder out, let all the birds in the neighborhood start depending on that food to get them through the Winter, then all of a sudden stop filling it. They'd all die!

So update your shit please. Thankfully I have Rachelpink who has yet to fail her many fans. You rock Rachelpink! Celvyn, get with the program. Stop scooping the poop and post dammit!

January 13, 2005

Little white headphones everywhere!

Is it me or does it seem like 50% of New Yorkers now have iPods? I think everyone got a pretty square box under their tree this Christmas.

January 11, 2005

Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday we did a Scavenger hunt at the Museum of Natural History with Eric, David, Eric's date Alyse and his friend Larisa. I think there were about 25 people total, broken into groups from 2-6. Basically you get a list of 38 questions and 2 hrs to get as many answers as you can. We did the whole thing with a very quick pace. Well, most of us. One person decided to wear HIGH HEELED BOOTS to the hunt. Uh, DUH! But the rest of us were able to solve the questions quickly and for the most part easily. We made it back with 5 minutes to spare. Then we all gathered round for the winners. Groups were called in order from worst to best. We still hadn't been called and it looked like every other group had. Then we were called. But with the 2nd place title. Dammit. We all blamed David but in truth we were all to blame. We came in 37 to the 38 points. 5 bonus points were awarded to the team with the best name. Here's our chance! But nooooo, some other chumps came through with their lame ass name "Natural Born Scavengers". BAH! That name sucks. We should've won with Eric's contribution "Hunters and Gatherers".

Overall the hunt was fun, but not worth the $30 fee.

The hunt was exhausting so we went out to quench our hunger and thirst. Alyse recommended a place called Sabor. Cuban food that had big prices but small servings. But the food was great, mojitos even better. Then went to play pool at The Dead Poet (yes Henry, that Dead Poet). One thing was weird about the other girl there. While playing pool she decided it would be cute if she wore my husband's hat. Now ladies, we all know you do this if ,say, you're flirting with someone. But you DON'T do it with someone else's husband. NO NO NO. She was definitely a strange one. Later in the evening as David was bending over in front of me to make a shot she says to me afterward "Weren't you tempted?". Um, excuse me??? "yeah, ya know, tempted? Tempted to knock his cue so he'd screw up." Yeah, tempted. Tempted to rip that hat off your head and send your ass back to Jersey! ;-)

January 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Rachel!

May you ride the pink bus of happiness for years to come!

January 07, 2005


I am still obsessed with Buffy. As I write this I am listening to the musical on my iPod. I do this at least once a week. Sometimes once a day. We've been watching 1 episode a night of Season 7. I can't go to sleep unless I see at least some Buffy. I have Buffy wallpaper and a screensaver on my computer at work. People are starting to think I'm a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that). I just had my friend burn a DVD of the musical so I can watch it regularly at home. I got a $250 American Express gift card from work for Christmas. I am saving it for when the Buffy Complete DVD Box Set is released here in the US (no ETA yet). I wish it would go on forever. I'm always trying to convince people to watch it. I wish I could buy everyone the dvd's and get them hooked so we can chat about it. I just signed up for the Buffy newsletter. Buffy fans now have an official title-Buffsters. I feel like a teenager but I can't help it. I likey da Buffy.

January 05, 2005


Yeah baby Yeah!

I FINALLY got my new Playstation 2 today. Damn it's tiny. I could seriously put the thing in my purse and take it with me wherever I go. It's beautiful. What a piece of perfection.

Hopefully tomorrow I will begin my GTA-San Andreas adventure and start slappin' up some ho's!

January 04, 2005

Star Jones

Listening to Stern talk about Star Jones this morning made me sick. Apparently on The View she spoke about how she was just in Southeast Asia last month and she believes god was looking out for her and that is why she was not caught in the tsunami disaster. She believes she is blessed. So what, the 150,000+ people weren't??

So let me get this straight. God is up there thinking-Hm, I've got this tsunmai in my pocket and I'm just dying to get it out. Lemme plop it down here in the Indian Ocean. Here I go-OH WAIT!! STAR JONES IS THERE! I can't kill her. She is god's gift to all mankind. I will wait until she gets off of the islands and then I will release all of hells fury on all those that are so much more deserving to die than her.

Gimmie a fucking break.

Self-centered-cheap-shoe-wearing-gay-husband-marrying bitch.

January 01, 2005


Went out for New Years with David, Henry, Matthew and Eric. Started out at a swanky bar called 66. Eric was happy to go as he had heard that only the rooty tooty crowd is usually allowed. But we started out around 7:30 so it was early enough to let our type in. Bar was quiet with low lighting and comfy chairs to sit in. I decided to stick with champagne for the evening. They didn't have my beloved Veuve Cliquot so I tried something new (can't remember the name). Quite tasty. 3 glasses tasty. Everyone followed and had 3 each. But some were more affected than others.

We stayed until 9:30 and then headed over to Thalassa for dinner. They sat us near the kitchen/lobsters on ice section. Sad to see the poor lobsters struggling for life on ice cubes. We were promptly served our first course. Clams oreganato. It was ok. Second course came around and then we lost one of our group. David, my husband, was drunk. Yes, Dave. First time ever. EVER! He turned to me and slurred "I'm reeeal tired. I can't keep my eyes open. What should I do?" I told him he should go home and that I didn't mind. So I put him in a cab and sent him home. Poor thing. I know he felt bad. But I've been there, we all probably have, and I know what its like. So I spent my New Years without my husband. But it was fun. Soon after Matthew started complaining of stomach upset still leftover from his Peru trip last week. BAH! Damn Rotstein's are all lightweights!

Finished our meal, all sharing in David's other courses. Around 11:45 hats and noisemakers were handed out to all. Eric's noisemaker was a dud. But when it reached midnight they still hadn't done the countdown. I think this was my first New Years without a Times Square countdown. So we did our own. Hugs, kisses and noisemaker honks were given.