May 06, 2009

#2 due 10/28/09

Surprise I am pregnant again! 15 weeks today and everything is going well. It was a bit of a surprise and a little earlier than expected for us, but still in the overall plan. I am VERY nervous about handling two children as I hear from many that one is a breeze and more than one complete chaos. We will see come late October/early November. The whole thing seems kind of surreal and not yet real as it's hard to concentrate on being pregnant when chasing after a two year old, dealing with changes at work, planning a big trip to Trinidad in July (and trying to convince my Husband that yes he CAN handle the planeride) and planning a move in two months! I think once we move and are settled then I can concentrate more on baby #2. We will not find out the gender of this one either so it'll be a complete surprise for all!